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Friday, December 23, 2005
Vermont Ski Trip - event is sold out
Cost:from $240 & up
Organizer:Bonnie Gluck
Organizer Email:ski_joc@yahoo.com

Come celebrate the start of Chanukah with JOC in Mt. Snow, Vt. JOC is planning an awesome ski trip from Friday, Dec 23rd through Monday, Dec 26th (there is an option to come up Thursday evening). The Mt. Snow ski resort is just minutes from our inn and Killington is about 45 minutes away. WHAT IS THE COST? There are a variety of options based on length of stay, number of folks sharing the room and date of payment. If you are coming up Thursday night it’s an additional $60. If payment is RECEIVED by Nov 14th you will save $45. The cost per person ranges from $240 to $450 – please see below for a complete breakdown. Payment If Received BY Monday 11/14: Friday 12/23 - Monday 12/26 Quad: 240 / Triple: 275 / Double: 295 / Single: 345 Thursday 12/22 - Monday 12/26 Quad: 300 / Triple: 335 / Double: 355 / Single: 405 Payment If Received AFTER Monday 11/14 (additional $45): Friday 12/23 - Monday 12/26 Quad: 285 / Triple: 320 / Double: 340 / Single: 390 Thursday 12/22 - Monday 12/26 Quad: 345 / Triple: 380 / Double: 400 / Single: 450 Reserve early to get your choice of accommodations. Cost includes the stay at the inn through Monday afternoon and all meals / snacks. There are additional costs for lift tickets and ski rentals. Note: We will be taking over all the rooms at the inn as well as the kitchen. The flieshig meals will be from Mauzone and Wassermans (Queens). HOW DOES TRANSPORTATION WORK? We will put together a spreadsheet with the names of everyone going and will list the drivers. In due time, we will send out that spreadsheet to attendees, and it will be your responsibility to call and find a ride. Priority may be given to drivers if we see that we are short on vehicles. Passengers: Please remember to reimburse your drivers for gas and tolls. WHAT IS THE AVERAGE AGE AND GENDER? The genders are usually about split. The ages range from 21-40, with an average of about 30 if I had to guess. The great majority of attendees are single, but some are married. Please note that this is not a singles event! Additionally, many attendees will be first timers, so don't be timid if you are a newcomer - we are a fun and welcoming group :) HOW DO I SIGN UP? 1) Send in your payment by check or paypal. Checks MUST be made out to: JEWISH OUTDOORS CLUB and should be mailed to: POB 750405, Forest Hills, NY 11375 c/o Bonnie Gluck Paypal payments should be sent to: ski_joc@yahoo.com (please add 3% for the paypal transaction fee). 2) Also, please send an email to ski_joc@yahoo.com with the following info. A) Your name B) Your phone numbers (home & cell please) C) Do you have a car? D) If so, how many passengers would you be able to bring up? E) Where would you leave from, and at about what time? F) What is your first and second choice regarding the rooming options? An email is not sufficient to reserve a spot! In order to be signed up your payment must be received, and then I will send you a written confirmation. Please note: Registration will be closed as of Thursday, December 8th. We can accommodate approximately 50 people, and the ski trips always fill up :) WHAT IF I NEED TO CANCEL? The deadline for a full refund is Friday, November 11th. After that, you will have to find someone to take your place, and that person should pay you directly. If I get emails from folks looking for a spot, I will send them your way. Any questions? Email me at ski_joc@yahoo.com!

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