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Sunday, November 20, 2005
JOC Hike November 20
Organizer:Seth Minsk
Organizer Email:seth530@yahoo.com

*NOTE* The 11/20 hike will *not* be in Sterling Forest due to the park's three-week deer rifle-hunting season. The new, super-secret hike location will be sent to participants the week before the hike. ----------------------------------- If you hiked Breakneck Ridge last week and are looking for the next challenge… this isn't it! Join JOC on Sunday, November 20 for a late fall, pre-Thanksgiving hike in New York's Sterling Forest State Park. Hike on Sunday… then eat all you want on Thanksgiving and the calories won't count! (This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Your results may vary.) This will be a moderate, beginner-friendly hike. If you've always wanted to go hiking but never have, or are in the mood for a pleasant, peaceful stroll in the woods, this is your hike. Located just west of Harriman State Park, Sterling Forest was the largest remaining tract of undeveloped land in southern New York, and was purchased as a state park in 1998 after a lengthy battle between environmentalists and developers. Sterling Forest is still threatened, with plans, currently being contested, to build a 107 house development on land in the center of the park that has not been acquired for conservation. Sterling Forest is one of the most biologically diverse and beautiful places in the New York metro area. This hike will be limited to 20 people. Drivers are needed who can do the tremendous good deed of picking people up on the Upper West Side (and you will be reimbursed generously for your trouble). Here are the details: DATE: Sunday, November 20 TIME AND LOCATION: Meet NO LATER than 8:30AM at the Bagel Basket, 618 Amsterdam Ave., on the corner of 90th Street. The last car will leave at 8:30 sharp, so PLEASE plan to arrive by 8:15. If you are leaving from points other than the UWS, please be at Sterling Forest no later than 10AM, when we will begin the hike. (Directions to be sent separately.) HIKE LENGTH AND DIFFICULTY: The hike will be a relatively flat approximately 7 miles. The hike will be roughly a 3 on a scale of 1 – 10; usually a 2, but slightly more difficult due to downed leaves, which will make footing a little trickier. WHAT TO BRING: You MUST bring at least 2 liters of water. NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE HIKE WITH LESS THAN 2 LITERS OF WATER. Trail appropriate lunch and snacks – easily portable and digestible lunch, snacks with some electrolyte (i.e. pretzels) and some carbs. Energy bars are ideal. Camera, binoculars, any necessary medications, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray. Bring a backpack you can carry comfortably for 5-6 hours. CLOTHING AND FOOTWEAR: Wear loose comfortable clothing you will not mind getting dirty and that allows you range of motion. Nylon and other synthetics are always better than cotton, especially when it is cold and/or wet. A jacket and/or rain poncho, depending on the weather forecast. Hiking boots or shoes with tread are highly recommended; an athletic-type shoe at minimum is required. DO NOT WEAR dress shoes, heels, pumps, open-toe or open-back shoes. COST: $2, payable at the trailhead, exact change greatly preferred. Also, if you will be getting a ride, please reimburse your driver $9 to help cover the cost of tolls, gas and wear-and- tear on the car. TO REGISTER: Email me at seth530@yahoo.com with the following information: 1) Name 2) Phone # (cell so you can be reached Sunday AM if need be) 3) Where will you be leaving from? Do you need a ride? 4) Can you drive, and how many passengers do you have room for? 5) If driving, are you willing to pick up from the UWS (please please please – we always desperately need drivers. Seth Minsk

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