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Sunday, May 28, 2006 (6:30 AM)
Climb to the Summit of Mount Washington:
Organizer:Rivkah Fischman
Organizer Email:rfischman73@hotmail.com

Join JOC for a two day jaunt to New Hampshire where we will climb Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the Northeast. At 6,288 feet Mt. Washington is world renown for its scenic views, ravine skiing and wicked weather. On a clear day, the summit offers views of five states and Canada. Many experienced climbers have used the alpine portions of the hike in winter to prepare for expeditions to Everest and K2. The hike to the top is breathtaking, exhilarating and challenging; meant for the experienced hiker or those in excellent physical condition. No technical climbing skills or equipment are required. For more information about the mountain, visit: mountwashington.org mountwashington.com We will be leaving around 6:30am on Sunday May 28th and climbing the next morning (Memorial Day). We will drive home after the hike (approximately 5:00pm) and arrive in NY (approximately 11:00pm). We will stay overnight at the beautiful AMC Highland Center Lodge in picturesque Crawford Notch. We will be taking over the Shapleigh Bunk House with two separate bedrooms (bunk beds) adjacent to the lodge with dining room, fireplace and views of the mountains.(Rooms will be split by gender of course :) For more information about accommodations please view the AMC website: http://www.outdoors.org/lodging/lodges/highland/index.cfm The trip is open to 16 intrepid individuals and the deadline for joining is Saturday (night) April 1st so act fast as the trip will most likely close early. The cost for the entire trip including meals is 65.00 (this does not include transportation reimbursement). First priority will be given to those who meet the physical requirements and who have a car. If you cancel after April 1st, reimbursement will only be offered if you can find someone to take your place. Keep in mind that your replacement must also be physically capable of making the climb. Please respond to rfischman73@hotmail.com with the following information: A. Your name, e-mail and desire to join. B. A BRIEF description of your hiking experience. C. If you have a car and/or are willing to drive (The ride is 6 hours one-way). Give me some time to respond, as I need to read everyone’s information carefully. This trip should be a wonderful experience and I look forward to assembling a great team. Rivkah

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