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Sunday, May 07, 2006
Catskills Hike - Blackhead Range
Organizer:Seth Minsk
Organizer Email:seth.joc@gmail.com

Now that spring has finally sprung, enjoy a day in the Catskills climbing 3 3,500+ peaks and some of the best views in the Catskills. The hike will traverse Thomas Cole Mountain, Black Dome and Blackhead. WHAT: Strenuous hike, approximately 9 miles, only for those with previous hiking experience and in reasonable physical condition. WHEN: Sunday, May 7. Hike will begin at 9:30, and see note below about travel times. COST: $5, plus $20 to reimburse your driver if you are getting a ride. Complete details of what to bring, times, directions, etc. will be sent to registered participants. As always, nobody will be allowed to join the group at the trailhead without at least 2 liters of waters; 3 preferably. If you have a car, please volunteer to drive your fellow JOCers. You will be generously reimbursed. If you need a ride, you will receive a list of e-mail addresses of drivers and will be responsible for arranging your own ride. Most JOC rides originate from the Bagel Basket on the Upper West Side (Amsterdam and 90th), but you are free to work out other arrangements once you find a volunteer driver. IMPORTANT NOTE: It is an approximately 2.5 hour drive to this section of the northern Catskills. Anybody leaving from the UWS should be prepared to leave NO LATER than 6:30 AM. More detail to follow to regsitered participants. If you are not a morning person or are habitually running late, you may wish to participate in another hike closer to home. All decisions regarding participation in this event is at the discretion of the event organizer, in order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the entire group. To register, please send the following information to me at seth.joc@gmail.com: 1) Name and cellphone number: 2) Brief description (shorter than War and Peace) of your hiking experience: 3) Do you have a car, can you volunteer to drive, where will you be leaving from, can you pick up passengers on the UWS, and how many passengers can you take? 4) If you need a ride, from where?

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