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Sunday, May 14, 2006 (11:00 AM)
Cost:$5! Yes, for real! ;)
Organizer Email:Rachelle_Lapin@Yahoo.com

This Sunday, May 14th, JOC'ers who don't have a mother nearby can come join the rest of us lonely souls for a little fun in the sun! The 22-acre lake in Central Park offers boaters (and wanna be- boaters;) a wonderful opportunity to get out onto the water without even having to leave the city!! The lake is a beautiful tranquil setting to practice your rowing skills, (we will be racing;), sunbathing skills, reciting poetry, or doing nothing skills. Each boat will have 4-5 people in it, and I will try to arrange it that everybody gets a turn to row, sunbathe, recite poetry, or do nothing during the time that we will be out on the water! ;) Though this event may not be as pulse-racing and exhilarating as some of the other events I have run in the past (like skydiving!) I can assure you that you will have just as good a time!! See you there!! RL The schedule for the day is as follows: 11:00-Meet group at designated meeting spot (you will receive details once your reservation has been confirmed.) 11:15-12:30-Row boating, (ie, racing, sunbathing, poetry/doing nothing time) 12:30-Picnic lunch by the water (everybody brings their own.) I have included some Questions and Answers below in the standard Q and A format: Q: WHAT DOES THIS EVENT COST AND HOW DO I PAY? A: The cost for this event is only five dollars (yes, you read correctly, $5!!) Less than you pay for a slice of pizza in this town! ;)to be paid to the organizer at the beginning of the event. Q: WHAT DO YOU EXPECT TO BE THE TYPICAL AGE-RANGE FOR THIS EVENT? A: Most of the events that I run tend to attract an early 20's to early 30's crowd (since I am in my early 20's) but if you are out of this range you are more than welcome to attend, please just be aware that you will be older than most of the other participants. Q: HOW DO I SIGN UP? A: Please email the following information to me at Rachelle_Lapin@yahoo.com 1. Your full name, age, and sex. 2. Your last boating experience and which of the following you plan to spend the hour and half on the water doing; a) rowing the boat b) sunbathing or reading c) reciting poetry or d) other. 3. A phone number and e-mail to reach you at. I look forward to boating with you all soon!! -Rachelle p.s.-Please note that this trip will be limited to the first 30 people (15 men/15 women) who sign up.

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