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We would like to ask all trip participants to help ensure that all of the trips and events go smoothly by following these guidelines.

1) When choosing events, be realistic about what you choose: Physically strenuous trips or those requiring special skills or equipment will not be fun for anyone if you are not ready for them. We have tried to describe them accurately to help you decide. Some events are limited in size as well.

2) Check your email: Email the trip organizer prior to the trip if you have any questions, but please do check the emails before contacting the organizer to see if your question was already answered. If you have any medical conditions or other issues, please let the trip leader know privately prior to the trip.

3) Be ready to start the trip on time: For early trips, this will mean bringing your pack or gear to breakfast, already dressed for the activity. Lunches can be packed and water bottles filled at breakfast. You may want to get to the early range of breakfast time. Be at the meeting place ready to go on time; trips will not wait.

4) If you are willing to drive, we would appreciate it: Bring your keys to the meeting place, and let the organizer know how many you can take. Filling up your gas tank prior to the event will help the group start on time. Typically, riders will chip in for gas and tolls.

5) Walk softly in the wilderness: Use low-impact practices to minimize your effect on the outdoors. This includes staying on trails, not littering, proper sanitation, etc.

6) Follow any special requests or rules for a specific trip: Trip leaders and outfitters want to ensure your safety, so your cooperation is important. Wearing of safety gear, such as helmets, lifejackets, or harnesses, where relevant, is not optional, unless designated as such by the trip leader or outfitter.

7) Be Flexible: Conditions, including weather, trail conditions, group speed, and time may mean trip modifications.

8) Be Friendly! JOC prides itself on the warm and welcoming atmosphere on its events. Help out by greeting and welcoming ne faces.


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