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Guidelines for Collecting Funds for JOC Events

Guidelines for Collecting Funds for JOC Events

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1) The event planner is in charge of collecting all funds for the event (see suggestions, below, for how to collect the funds).

2) Event planner will collect all funds and send the funds to the Treasurer of the JOC, who will pay for the event. In the event of cash, the coordinator will collect the cash and make out one check to the "Jewish Outdoors Club" for the cash.

Payments for events will be through:
    a)  Cash 
    b) Check made out to "Jewish Outdoors Club" or to the company providing the service (e.g., the Hot Air Ballooning)
    c) Paypal to ones own paypal account (preferred method). 

3)  Treasurer of the JOC Treasurer will reimburse the event planner for all reasonable expenses for the event. If the cash collected is enough to cover the expenses, the event planner may withhold the cash necessary to pay for the event.

4) The attached sheet needs to be filled out for each event and turned into the Treasurer. Current Treasurer is

Ira Weiss,
601 W. 115th St., APT 102,
New York, NY, 10025.

Preference is that you e-mail the sheet to jewishoutdoorsclub@gmail.com, or to fax it to (866) 303-6542 (fax number for Jewish Outdoors Club)

Suggestions (to event planner) for collecting funds, by type of event. 

Events that do not require reservations:

  • Collect all the money on the date of the event.
  • Examples of events include: 
    * One-day Hikes 
    * Apple-picking
    * One-day biking trips 
    * In-line skating
    * Ultimate
    * Whitewater-Rafting (unless an overnight trip) 
    * Bouldering 
    * Caving

Events that require reservations:

  • Collect all the money in advance of the event.
  • Examples of event include:
    * Any overnight trip
    * Camping
    * Canoeing
    * Handgliding
    * Hot Air Ballooning
    * Ice Climbing
    * Kayaking
    * Paintball
    * Rock Climbing
    * Skydiving
    * Snowmobiling
    * River Tubing
    * Naturalist Tour
    * One-day skiing
    * Snowshoeing
    * Snowtubing

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