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Mountaineering in the Cascades
Date: 7/8/2007
Alon Krausz
Organizer Contact Info:
Hey all! I know it seems that there is a lot of time still, but if this trip is to happen, I want to get our group numbers settled well in advance. This trip will require a lot planning both on my part, and on the part of the guides, so please think about it seriously over the next 2-3 weeks, and be ready to committ if you can. I do need at least one other person, and Im hoping to get 4 total, or Ill have to call it off and shoot for another year. I know that the Jewish holidays made it quite so hard to take off this year, except for us teacher folk.

Anyway, here is the plan, in more specificity:
Were going mountaineering in North Cascades National Park in Northern Washington State, the premier place for mountain climbing in the lower 48. This is an intense, challenging trip. Well have fun, of course, but this trip will teach us many tangible skills, as well as offer serious bragging rights.

Sunday, July 8 - Sunday July 15

Fly to seattle, meet up and drive north, stay in a hotel.

Hike into Mt Shuksan and camp on or near the Sulphide Glacier, review glacier travel and rescue skills.

Climb the Sulphide Glacier and summit, hike out, drive to hotel.

Hike into another area (Boston Basin or Glacier Peak), camp out

Climb one of the peaks in the area - Eldorado Peak, Torment, Forbidden, or Glacier Peak.

Climb a second peak( one of the above), hike out and drive to motel for Shabbos

Shabbat: at lodge

Fly out

It is hard to say what the price will be. But it wont be cheap. the guides alone will cost bet $1000-$2000 depending on our numbers. We will also have other communal expenses, such as transportation, shabbat lodging and food, etc. If youre on a super tight budget, I cant recommend the trip. I know that for myself, though, it is well worth it. Ive done some climbing in Ecaudor in the past, read countless mountaineering books, just finished watching the Everest series on Discovery Times (unreal!), and I really have the itch like you cant imagine. Plus, I aint getting any younger. Please let me know your thoughts, even if it is just to email me in a couple of weeks to tell me that you just dont know if you can get off.

Much appreciated,

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