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JOC Goes Skydiving 2007
Date: Sunday, October 28, 2007
Sarah Gerber
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Look, Ma! No hands!


Ever wish you could fly? Well, now you can! JOC is once again proud to announce, yep, you guessed it—skydiving! It’s something everyone should do once. And if you’ve already done it, well, then you know just how awesome it is and you probably want to do it again! JOC will take you skydiving on Sunday, October 28. (Registration deadline: Oct. 14.)  




You will head out early Sunday morning to East Stroudsburg, Pa. just 75 minutes from NYC. (While I will try to arrange rides, the drop zone is also accessible by bus—Martz Trailways leaves from Port Authority and drops you off at the East Stroudsburg Park & Ride, just a short taxi ride away.) You will meet the rest of the adventurous group at the drop zone and sign in. You will watch a short instructional video and your instructor will help you gear up.

The turbine-equipped aircraft (some of which are capable of carrying up to 23 people at a time) will bring you up to an altitude of 13,500 (Gulp!) feet (weather permitting, but usually not lower than 10,000 feet). You will freefall down to 6,000 feet (a freefall of approximately 60 seconds) before your parachute is deployed. You will then enjoy a quiet freefall (approximately five minutes) with the awesome view of the Pocono Mountains, the Delaware Water Gap and the NYC Skyline, as you and your instructor steer your parachute and fly it down to a soft landing.


Jumping out of a plane sounds scary, but you’ll be in good hands. You will be strapped to a highly skilled USPA-certified instructor from start to finish, so don’t worry. The friendly staff member I spoke with has assured me that in the 12 years they have been open there have been no major incidents, so swallow, take a deep breath and yell, “Geronimo!”


COST: $185

I know. It sounds like a lot, (its actually cost price for a weekend jump) but think of the fact that a turbine engine plane is going up just for us -- and each one of you will have your own personal instructor for the duration of the session. Not such a big price to pay to ensure your safety on what is bound to be the experience of your life.


You know how people always say, “You should have seen the look on your face!” Well, for an extra $90 you can get a video ($110 for a DVD) and still shots of your jump, which will allow you to do just that. You only make your first jump once, but with this option you’ll get to watch it again and again. And your friends can watch it with you and make fun of how scared you looked, while they secretly wish it had been them.


REGISTRATION: The last JOC skydiving trip filled up almost immediately, so reserve your spot now! Send me an email at JOCgirl@gmail.com by October 14. Put skydiving as the subject or your email is likely to get buried. Include your name, cell phone number, where you are leaving from and whether you can give a ride (as has become JOC tradition, drivers will probably be getting priority registration) or need a ride. Let me know you want to come and I will let you know how to send in your deposit. Once—and only once—that has been taken care of, you’re in. Cancellation will then be dependent on you being able to sell your spot to the next lucky victim, er candidate, from the waiting list.


Looking forward to jumping with you!



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