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Date: 01/06/2008
Jennifer Goldstein & Boaz Spitz
Organizer Contact Info:


Title: Jennifer & Boaz’s Great TRAPEZE ADVENTURE!!!


Date: Sunday January 6, 2008


Cost: $55.00


Time: Class starts at 12:00PM SHARP!! and ends at 2:15pm


** Those of you who wish to take the lovely “L” train with me to Williamsburg will be meeting me at 11:00AM at the Starbucks on 16th Street/8th Avenue. We will then take the “L” train to the Bedford Avenue stop.


** We will also be going out to a cafe afterwards for those of you who are interested.



Espana Streb Trapeze School

51 North 1st Street, Brooklyn NY 11211


Organizers: Jennifer Goldstein & Boaz Spitz


Event Details: What better way to welcome in the New Year than going to FLYING TRAPEZE SCHOOL for the day!! Did you ever want to feel like you are flying in the air? Want to overcome your fear or heights? Well then this event is just right for you.


First we go to “ground school” where you will learn the proper way to jumping off a stance (hips forward, chest up, one arm extended kind of like the disco move I was doing this past Saturday Night – j/k) After about 10 minutes of practicing the disco moves on the floor we move on to clipping a rope to your waist harness and climbing a ladder to a platform 18 feet high (I can already feel the adrenaline). Two instructors will be there yelling “Hep” and before you know it you will feel like you are a part of the circus (in a good way not like a clown or anything). Before you know it you will flying in the air backwards, forwards and upside down.   


Is it safe? Yes, everyone wears a safety harness attached to safety lines and flies over a foam mat. The instructors guide each person through the different techniques that allow you to fly on the trapeze. One instructor will help you on the platform and another will hold your safety lines from the ground. When you are ready you will be introduced to a third instructor who will catch you mid-air!


Difficulty of event: It all depends on how much you are able to “let go.” However – I am told that your upper body will be sore the next day.


What to wear? Please wear comfortable clothing (soft, stretchy pants and a snug fitting T-shirt, or tank top). No shorts, jeans, jewelry or hairpieces should be worn. Please tie long hair back with a hair band.


Payment: Once you sign up I will e-mail you the payment info.  


Ready to sign up?? Please RSVP to Jennifer Goldstein at no later than December 20, 2007.


See you on the ropes!!!

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