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Sunday- Monday, July 4-5
JOC Camping Trip!

Our annual camping trip - a treat not to be missed.

JOC is going camping!

The annual JOC camping trip this year will take place Sunday- Monday of
July 4th weekend, July 4th- 5th. Yay!

The cost is only $25, and I have about 50 spots for this trip.

The deadline is Thursday, June 24.

Anyway here is the plan, in Q and A: Hope you'll join!


On Sunday, we will travel via carpool to meet for a hike in the Delaware
Water Gap.
From the parking lot in the Gap, the hike is a moderate- difficult one
(about a 7.5 on a scale of 1-10), with a 1000 foot climb beginning at the
beautiful Buttermilk Falls taking us to the terrific viewpoint atop
Rattlesnake Mtn, and ending with a descent to Hidden Falls back to the
parking area. For those that wish to skip this hike, they can meet us
directly at the campgrounds in the early evening. Directions will be given
out to attendees, all of whom will be put on a separate email list.

Following the hike, we'll head to our campgrounds at Worthington State
Forest. We will set
up our tents, and prepare dinner.  For dinner, expect lots of cow. (oh yes,
and soy for the vegetarians).

After a night of guitar roasting and marshmallow strumming, we'll sleep, and
wake up a couple of hours later, pray, eat, then head to the Delaware river
for a fun and easygoing raft/canoe/kayak down the Delaware River. This too,
is optional, of course, and the cost is extra (around $33)
Following that, we'll say goodbye and head home (2 hour drive to the GWB)

    Bring a change of clothes, bugspray, sunscreen, bathing
suit if you want to dip in the lake, toiletries, hiking shoes,
camera, sleeping bag, pillow, allergy medicine, tefillin, siddur, lots of
water!! The campsite has modern toilets but no showers.

    I will put together a spreadsheet with the names of everyone going and
all info about tents, cars, etc. In due time, I will send out that
spreadsheet to attendees, and it will be your responsibility to call and
find a ride and tent, if you need.
We will leave for the hike at 11:00 am, and if you come late, you'll have to
hustle to catch up.
All cars should thus arrive at the hiking meeting place
by 11:00 am, and I would say to try get there earlier to give yourself a
buffer. The destination is about 1.5-2 hours from the GW bridge depending
on traffic. I will give out exact directions to attendees in due time.

    Since we are camping, we will need all the tents we can get.  Priority
will be given to those with tents, and then afterwards, we will fill up
those spots with people who don't have tents.  Tent rentals are possible
from various army/navy and outdoors goods stores, but I don't have details
on where.


The genders are usually about split. The ages range from 21-35, with an
average of about 28.
The great majority of attendees are single, but some are married, and
children are welcome too. Many attendees will be first timers, so don't be
timid if you are a newcomer - we are a fun and welcoming group :)

        The cost of the outing is just $25 which includes
the campsite, hike, and all food, (BBQ dinner, breakfast, lunch,
snacks, all strictly kosher), but not rafting, which is about $33.

All drivers will be reimbursed by passengers as they see fit. I recommend
splitting a $40 - $50 fee among all passengers in the car (including driver)

    The trip is on, rain or shine. In the event of severe rain or
thunderstorm, the plans might be altered
to include a more weather friendly activity.

    To book one of the 50 spots, send me an email, and pay the FULL AMOUNT
by check or paypal.  Please include the

A) Your name, and names of any people you are bringing.
B) Do you have a car?
C) If so, where would you leave from, and at about what time?
D) Do you have a tent, and if so, for how many?
E) Do you play guitar/wish to lead a kumsitz?
F) Are you hiking on Sunday?
G) Are you canoeing/rafting/kayaking on Mon? (and which one?)
H) Answer this brain teaser. Is it proper English to say "The Yolk Is White"
or "The Yolk Are White"?

In order to be signed up payment must be received . Please pay
through one of these 3 methods:
A) go to and send $27 by credit card or from your bank to the reason for the extra $2 is to cover paypal

B) Pay by a paypal account linked to your bank account, and send $25 to I do not get charged for such transactions.

C) Pay $25 by check and mail to Alon Krausz, 508 Wyndham rd. Teaneck, NJ

Reminder: DEADLINE: Thursday, June 24,  or 50 people, whichever comes first.

    Rafting must be paid in advance since it is the busiest weekend of the
year for the outfitters. The cost of the rafting trip depends on how many
people go.  When I get a sense of the numbers, I'll pass along the bill to
those going.

    The deadline for a full refund is Thursday, June 24. After that, you
will have to find someone to take your place, and that person should pay you
directly.  If I get emails, I will send them your way.

Any questions? Email me!

Hope to see you!



Hey All!

If you are getting this email then you have expressed an interest in the
July 4 camping trip, though not necessarily paid.

Here is important information for the trip. Please read it carefully.

A) Rides/ tents
B) Packing list
C) Menu
D) Directions
E) Rafting info
F) Schedule

A) The attached spreadsheet has a list of all paid attendees. Though I know
there are many "checks in the mail" I can only include those who are paid
for now. There are 21 additional of you who have signed up.
A few of you who are rafting only are not on the list, but are included as

Please use this list and CHECK THAT THE INFO IS CORRECT. Please email me if
something is incorrect, or missing. Also, if you think that you have paid,
and that your name belongs there, let me know as well.
For rides, you are now on your own. Call or email people on the list who
have cars that work well for you location and time wise.  Please try not to
send general emails to the list asking for rides - ask individuals instead.
If you are offering a new ride, or have a change, or your car is full, you
can email the general list.

The same is true for tents, though I'm afraid there are very few spots. What
this means is that you need to do some HW and find out places that rent
tents near you. Army Navy stores are a good place to start. Of course, if
you are renting, that cost should be split among users. As with cars, use
this list to add info, such as your renting a tent, but not to contact

I'd like to suggest not to leave cars and tents to the last minute. Also, if
you are called about a tent or ride, kindly do your best to respond within
24 hours, so people can make alternate plans.

B) Packing list is as follows, in no particular order:

Tent (if bringing own)
Sleeping bag
Comfortable lightweight, waterproof hiking boots (preferably already
broken in with ankle support).
Water shoes (optional) for day of boating
Swimsuits and towels
Light-colored Sun hat, visor or baseball cap (optional)
Minimum 1.5 liters of water carrying capacity - NO LESS!!!!!
Bug Repellent
Pocket Knife, tissues
Sunglasses with UV lenses
Sunscreen and Chapstick
Antihistamine pills if you have allergies
Light poncho
Flashlight with spare batteries
Books/ games, frisbee, cards
Siddur, tfillen (if appropriate)
All toiletries, including toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver, etc.
Extra spending money

Let me know if I forgot something

C) Menu:
For dinner, we are having burgers, franks, corn, beans, salad, watermelon,
asst snacks, marshmellows.
For breakfast, cereal and milk, donuts
For lunch, PB, Jelly, tuna sandwiches.

Please let me know if you are vegetarian, and why
Seriously, if you are vege, clue me in on some good vege options and brand
names, since I always seem to screw that up :)

D) Directions:
GWB to rt 80 West.
NJ 15 North toward Sparta for 18 miles
15 N becomes  US 206 N continue for 7 miles
Left onto Struble Road, go for 2.3 miles.
Struble becomes Dimon Road  Cont for 1.5 miles
Dimon becomes Tillman Rd.
Just past the parking lot on your left, at a cemetery, take left onto a dirt
road (may be labeled as Mountain road, or may not have any signs). Travel 2
miles to Buttermilk Falls, which looks like the attached picture.
If you get lost, ask someone how to get to Walpack Cemetery, or Walpack
Center, and ask the locals (living people) for directions to Buttermilk

BE AT THE TRAILHEAD BEFORE 11:00 AM. If you are late, hurry up the Blue
Buttermilk Falls Trail, to the Appalchian Trail. Make Left. Our lunch spot
will be 1.5 miles on the AT at a scenic spot called Rattlesnake Mt.


>From Trailhead:
Its confusing - you'll have to follow me. If lost, we are staying at
Worthington State Park campground on Old Mine road.

>From NYC:

To reach Worthington State Forest, take the last New Jersey exit on Route 80
west just before crossing the Delaware River toll bridge and continue north
along the east shore of the Delaware River. The forest office is three miles
north of the exit. Tell them you are with the Jewish Outdoors Club, or "Alan
Krausz" (I don't bother having them try to pronounce Alon)

Directions TO RAFTING:
Back to US 206, cont North.
Rt 206N across bridge to 209N
Rt 209N thru Matamoras to bridge
Turn left on Delaware Drive just
before bridge. 2 miles to Base.
Indian Head Rafting:

E) Rafting Info: VERY IMPORTANT!

What I'll be doing for rafting is as follows: All those who wish to raft/
will make direct reservations on their own with Indian Head Canoes
1-800-874-2628. They will take your Credit Card #, but not charge it. Tell
them that you are part of the Jewish Outdoors Club. On trip day, they will
charge your card the appropriate group rate based on our numbers. This also
gives you the max flexibility with what you want to do (raft, canoe, kayak),
and with whom you want to do it. And it is that much less of a headache for
me :) . We will shoot to get there at 10:00 am.

F) Schedule:

A Tentative schedule has us hiking at 11 am, finishing at 4:30 pm, arriving
at the campground at 5:15pm.
We'll wake up at 7:30, daven at 7:45, have breakfast, make lunch between 8
and 9, and leave at 9:15 am.
Rafting will be over by about 3:30 pm or so.

okey dokey - email me with questions (Though please check the email first to
see if it was answered in this megillah)



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