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The Spirit of JOC

A Guide For Event Planners


  • Be Communicative: Event organizers should communicate information to attendees in an organized, targeted, and timely fashion. Responses to emails should be courteous and prompt.


  • Be a Good Host! Event organizers should be friendly and warm, and work to ensure that attendees are enjoying themselves. Try to introduce people wherever possible, and make everyone comfortable from a socially perspective.


  • Be Accomodating! Events should be organized and run with a sense of openness and sensitivity to the various ways that people appreciate the outdoors. Accommodations for Tefillot and other Halachik needs should be made, as needed.


  • Be Safe! Always keep safety your number one priority. Be clear about expectations prior to a trip, and monitor the conditions and attendees during an event.


  • Involve People! Encourage participant involvement in all facets of the event, from planning, to setting up, to cleaning up. Listen to suggestions and respect the wisdom of crowds.


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