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Alon Krausz

Alon founded the Jewish Outdoors Club back in 96-97 back when he knew didley squat about organizing outdoors trips. Through trial and error (actually, lots of errors, fortunately no trials), he is now able to arrange events without a hitch (ha!). He currently lives in Teaneck, NJ, with his wife and children.

Alon is grateful to all the board members who have pitched in with their skills and their time, who keep JOC going strong. He hopes that the JOC will continue to grow for many years to come, and enhance the lives of Jews throughout the NY-NJ area through inspiring experiences in the great outdoors.

Vice President
Maurie Backman

Maurie (yes, that really is her full name, and no, shes not related to Maury Povich) acquired her survival skills on the bad streets of Brooklyn, where she grew up. Four years at SUNY Binghamton taught her to brave any type of weather, and since then, Maurie has organized and participated in many trips that took place in climates that were less than ideal. When she isnt busy planning JOC events, Maurie can be found playing with toys, moaning about her lack of sleep, and singing the praises of New Jersey. Shes also been voted most likely to be thrown from a raft by her own river guide.

Shani Slodowitz

Ron Katz

I grew up in Oak Park, Michigan, north of 8-mile, the northern Detroit border. When I moved to New York, I heard about Alon's fledgling hiking group. A few outtings proved to be fun, exciting, and relaxing. The website is my way of contributing to this great group.

Amy Fechter

When my plane landed at the tiny Kalispel airport in the middle of Montana, I had no idea what I was stepping into. I didn't expect to meet such a great group of friendly, easy going people ready to try all sorts of outdoors fun. But after five full 28 hour days of hiking, biking, horseback riding, rafting, boating, etc. etc. etc... I was hooked. And then I met a mother moose on a monstrous Montana mountain and I knew there was no turning back! Now I've been well and truly bitten by the adventure bug and I'm on a mission to continue exploring the great outdoors. I love organizing trips to bring others together to join in the fun of horseback riding, apple picking, skiing, etc. etc. etc... Next time, I hope to see you there!

Sarah Gerber

Photo Czar
Jesse Ackler

Jesse grew up in Long Island, NY and has been an outdoor enthusiast from an early age. He has spent extensive time hiking and camping throughout the Northeastern US and Israel. Jesse has been a member of JOC since 1998 and is regarded one of its most dedicated hikers and drivers. In his free time Jesse also enjoys inline skating, motorcycling, cooking, and reading. Jesse was awarded the coveted "Fanciest cars driven to a hike" at last years JOC awards as well as "MVP" at the last JOC Thanksgiving Trivia Contest.
He works as a product manager for a prestigious European automaker. He currently lives in Teaneck, NJ.  

Moshe Lehmann

Moshe wanted to be on the governing body of a corporation, but have no duties or responsibilities. When he was asked to join the JOC board of directors as a Member at Large, he knew he found his calling. 
Born in New York City and vacationed at his grandparents lake front home in New Jersey or at his other grandparents New Jersey dairy farm, Moshe developed a love for the outdoors at a young age. He also developed an appreciation of washable footwear. Much of his youth was spent outdoors, as he was frequently thrown out of class. He spent his formative years doing things that most boys do - causing mischief, climbing buildings, running amok and making
fires. He hasnt changed since. 
When he is not hiking and exploring the great outdoors (or trying not to burn them down), Moshe enjoys writing humorous e-mails and bios, reading, watching television and movies, breathing, surfing the web, driving fast, doing crossword  puzzles, driving his parents crazy and dating beautiful women. To support the lifestyle to which he has become accustomed, between all the other activities he will squeeze in some work, performing his duties as an Ethical Hacker.

Justin Backman

Justins first trips with the JOC, 10 class 5 rapids in only 9 hours, followed within a week by jumping out of a plane. A California native and the eldest of three he decided to venture east to experience the wonders of the nor easter. Justin is pretty laid-back (probably has to do with his West Coast upbringing), enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, camping, and kayaking/rafting, or just hanging around a park, but can often be found just kicking back with his wife and watching a good movie.  When he is not fulfilling his adrenalin needs, he loves to travel (working on visiting all 7 continents), runs, and  holds a third degree black belt (but would much rather do battle with the elements than his fellow man). Within the JOC, Justin is known as a real go-getter... in fact he married the Vice President to get a seat on the board.

Seth Minsk

Sam Zuckerman

Livia Zuckerman

For Livia, JOC was love at first sight. A survivor of the JOC Utah trip, she now organizes her own psycho outings, pushing people to their limits. Her passions include mountain biking, whitewater rafting, mountaineering, and deep sea Yugoslavian Folk Dancing.

Avi Golden

Avi is a rabid, full-time JOCer. He also works as paramedic for money when he isnt busy clubbing in the outdoors in a Jewish manner. Not into traditional sports and healthy, athletic activities, Avi appears to love the extreme events that the JOC offers. He is madly in love with snowboarding (when not sidelined by injuries sustained while) and has experienced torrid affairs with paintball, ice climbing and kite surfing.

His dedication to the JOC is apparent in his involvement- he is currently trying his hand at web development by somewhat "assisting" Ron Katz with this site; and has won numerous JOC awards including: Most Likely to be Blown to the Other Side of the Bay in Kitesurfing, Most Likely to Drop Rocks on Someone's Face.

Bonnie Gluck

Hillel Ben-David

Nathan T

 As the product of a number of generations of Boy Scouts, Nathan was brought up at an early age with a love of the outdoors. For Nathan, the outdoors is more than about overcoming challenges, learning about environmental responsibility, and helping others - it is a way of life and a chance to have a lot of fun. While pursuing his passion for the outdoors, Nathan has backpacked all over the US, Israel, and several other countries, rockclimbing, rapelling, and distance running. In the spirit of his boy scout upbringing, Nathan believes in always being prepared, and making sure that everyone finishes a trip safe and sound.

Ilan Katz

Ilan is the man behind the scenes who gets all the bills paid, and only occassionally drops a few thousand into his Grand Cayman account. Seriously, Ilan is a great guy, and a lover of all things outdoors. He's single too!

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